A Garden Makes a Perfect Romantic Date for London escorts

Are you going on a date with your dream woman? You will want to impress, and you’ll want to make sure that the date is as romantic as possible. Being romantic is not often an easy thing though. Some people think it’s taking the lady to a nice restaurant, but there’s a lot more to it than that. Romance is often impulsive. It doesn’t necessarily have to depend on luxurious surroundings and fancy gifts either. It’s all about having the right surroundings in which the right chemistry is allowed to flow. One such surrounding could even be in your very own back garden at home.

A Keen Gardener

Gina, who is one of the escorts in London  with www.palacevip.com, is a keen gardener and finds it is one of the most romantic places of all. “Fancy restaurants and posh hotels don’t really do it for me”, said Gina. “I find it all very false”. “If a man has to spend money to be romantic then something’s not right”, she added. “If we’re somewhere like a garden though, just the two of us, then that’s different”. “A simple picnic will do, even just some sandwiches”, she added. “It’s all about the surroundings and, much more importantly, the company”, she said.

“As an escort, I meet a lot of men that try to impress”. “Most fail”, she said. “I’m not a materialistic person, I’m much more interested in people than possessions”. “Quality time spent in quality company is worth so much more to me than money spent on a lavish meal”. “Just be yourself and you have a much better chance of impressing me”.

Getting to Know You

According to Gina, spending time alone in a garden is the ideal way to get to know somebody better. “I find that people can hide behind opulence”, she said. “When surrounded by luxury it can be difficult to see the real person”.

“People are more exposed when it’s just you and nature though”. She added. “That’s when I find things can be really romantic”. “Speaking of exposure, I do like to be in a spot that is secluded”, she said. “A garden to me could also mean somewhere out in the countryside with nobody else around”. “That way we can expose more than just our personalities”, she giggled. “There’s nothing quite like a bit of tenderness out in the open”, she said. “It can also be very exciting”, she added.